What is geocoding with AlgoMaps?

Geocoding is the determination of geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) from address data.

The geocoding function allows to transform the database containing addresses into a spatial database, i.e. a database enriched with geographical coordinates. The location defined in this way is necessary to visualize the data on a map, calculate the location potential, include data about the nearest surroundings of the address or determine the distance between addresses.

Benefits for your business

  • You will gain knowledge about the spatial dimension of your business,
  • You will optimize day-to-day operational activities taking into account the location of your distribution network, customers and competitors’ facilities,
  • You will analyze sales by geography,
  • You will supplement ML models with spatial data that has high predictive power.


Example of geocoding using AlgoMaps.

Geocoding with AlgoMaps and its functionalities are described in detail on our blog.

The geocoding feature is available in the web application and via API / WebService. 5000 sent records you get from us for free!