What is data standardization with AlgoMaps?

Data standardization consists in correcting errors in data by performing a number of processes on them, such as correcting typos, filling in data gaps or standardizing the way data is recorded in the database.

In particular, standardization is implemented through the following processes:

  • standardized recording of address data – AlgoMaps always returns results in the same form, compliant with good practices in storing addresses in databases,
  • removing errors in recording street and town names – standardized values of street and town names according to TERYT registry will be returned,
  • adding missing address elements – adding e.g. missing postal code,
  • updating postal codes, street names and town names – in case of older databases this information will be valid,
  • address existence/accuracy verification – AlgoMaps gathers almost all addresses in Poland in its reference databases, which are used to return information about the existence and correctness of the address.

Data standardization versus data deduplication from AlgoMaps

Deduplication is the process of identifying records in a database whose similarity of characteristics indicates they describe the same person/company. Effective deduplication eliminates duplicate records.

In AlgoMaps, the deduplication process consists of two main stages – standardization of address data and identification of duplicates. The result of deduplication is the so-called “golden record”, which is the best possible set of features describing e.g. a customer.

Benefits for your business:

  • You will improve data quality in CRM systems and databases – your data will be up-to-date, complete and reliable,
  • Standardized customer address data will allow automation of operational processes, without the need for manual data processing,
  • Save time and resources needed to standardize data before each use.

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