Maintaining high quality data in customer databases is a guarantee of success for every company. With our services you can verify and deduplicate customer data, standardize addresses and enrich them with additional information, as well as facilitate entering address data in web forms. Our applications are easy to implement and offer functionalities which significantly improve many business processes.

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  • Batch standardization – Large functionality for large data sets. A service that allows you to standardize large data files in a single query (e.g. 1 million records is processing time up to 30 minutes). Additionally, you get features for customer data verification, deduplication, geocoding and address data enrichment. You can use the application with API or via the web application AlgoMaps
  • Real-time standardization via API service that returns a standardized and geocoded address in real time. The interface can be easily integrated into customer applications of various types.
  • Auto-completion of address data – The service prompts the user for the name of the town, street or even number of the building based on the first letters entered by the user. Thanks to API the service can be implemented on websites, online forms and other client applications. Click below to try it out:
  • API Routes – The service returns the distance (in meters) between two points measured along roads. The input to the service can be either the geographical coordinates of the starting and ending points, or addresses.

No matter how you use our applications you always get 1000 records absolutely free! If that’s not enough for your testing purposes, contact us – we’ll increase the limit.